Cash Management

Cash Management Opportunities

  • Bill Payment Options – Pay bills without writing a check.
  • Payroll Direct Deposit – Saves you time and money and employees really love this benefit.
  • Electronically Collect Funds – Improve your cash flow by collecting funds from your customer's accounts to virtually eliminate the paperwork.
  • Cash Concentration Services – Electronically transfer funds into your account from any local depository bank. This really helps businesses with multiple locations.

Merchant Remote Deposit Capture 

Merchant Remote Capture is a fast and efficient way for your business to make deposits into your Connecticut River Bank, N.A. deposit account right from the convenience of your business location.   Think of all of the time you and your employees will save along with the ease of processing your deposits when it is convenient for you.  

RDM 2 Sided/Single Feed Check Scanner –

  •   1 Check At-A-Time Processing
  •   Monthly Processing Fee - $75
  •   Installation / Set-Up Fee - $250

ICS (Insured Cash Sweep)  

A business savings product with access to multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on savings deposits.

Lock Box Services

Simplify payment processing by allowing us to do it for you! An easy and automated way to avoid the trip to the bank everyday to make your deposit which will save you valuable time and money.

CDARS® Network Services

Receive Up to $50 Million in FDIC Protection with one easy-to-read Certificate of Deposit Statement, one competitive rate, no hidden fees and no need to collateralize saving you time and money. You can select from various maturities ---- ranging from 4 weeks to 5 years (260 weeks) --- and choose the terms that best suit your investment needs. You can also ladder your CDs or combine maturities. Ask us more about this exciting new product.

Merchant Services

Complete credit/debit card processing services to suit your specific business needs. Whether you're involved in retail, hospitality, personal services, medical or countless other industries, we have a credit card processing solution that will work for you.

Health Savings Account

Just what the doctor ordered, a tax-exempt Health Savings Account established exclusively for the purpose of paying for the following:

  • Qualified Medical Expenses
  • Qualified Preventative Care
  • Qualified Long-Term Care Insurance
  • COBRA Continuation
  • Health Insurance in Effect While Receiving Unemployment Compensation Under Any Federal Or State Law
  • Any Health Insurance, Other Than a Medicare Supplemental Policy If You Are Age 65 or Older

A Health Savings Account, a tax free way for your employees to pay for qualified health expenses!

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